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If you read Fred Lump Lump's review about No Coast Drift Party 6 in New Mexico, then you know who Ben is. If you did not read it, please scroll down and read it.

Ben at Drift Factory earned his way to become a Zestino Tyre Distributor based on his actions at the event. These are the qualities that we look for in a Distributor or dealer.

First and foremost we want them to be Drivers and into racing. No one knows tyres better than those who destroy them. Sure we can grow our company a lot faster by adding on commercial distributors and shops who can hand you a tyre brochure and give you the tyre data specs. But then we will be just another salesman and we would be no different than any other tyre company.

Our focus continues to be on grassroots and that is who we will support. The fact that an average Joe can get on a driver program and save lots and lots of money without being at pro level is something we pride ourselves on. We know the struggles drivers face because we are drivers first.

Please call Drift Factory (719) 695-8501 to congratulate them and get to know these awesome guys. We are in our early stages of our growth and we promise you there will be so many awesome things coming your way from Zestino Tyre USA and all our distributors and dealers. Follow him on and promote his shop. #zestinofamily #zestinotyreusa #getinthesmoke #nolimitset #driftfamily

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