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Youngest Drifter Competing in Pro-Am at USDRIFT.

One of the very first driver agreements we signed on was with 14 Year Old Dominic Martinez.

The idea of starting a driver at a young age is not new. In fact there are a few others outside of the U.S.A that are currently running along the side of veteran pros. Seeing these young drivers being developed in a mixed world of seasoned drivers is very important. Anyone can see their improvements from event to event.

The unfortunate part of Dominic's driving program is that he does not live outside the U.S.A and does not have those wonderful opportunities that other race and track organizations provide for such young drivers.

As of now USDRIFT is the only Pro-Am series that allows Dominic to participate in. Dominic is a NorCal resident and race series is on the end of the country.

Even with the current sponsors who are on board it makes it very difficult for financially to continue.

Aside from the cost of travel and racing, Dom faces another problem that only running in a series closer to home can fix. That is School.

Dom is a freshman entering Scottsvalley High, that is priority and taking extra days for practice and travel does not seem like a valued plan entering and holding a 3.0 grade average. His Dad keeps him busy with sports, like most of us parents do with our kids, and it is reported that he is an Animal in Soccer which he loves. Dom is a great young man who has found a way to help with his race program. After school when he is not on the Soccer field, you can find him at a local bodyshop where he trades his labor for bodywork and paint on his car. Knowing that this will be a big part of his cost while driving in a contact sport, he was able to secure this part all on his own. That action we feel speaks volumes of the type of guy Dom is becoming.

His Father Eric is no stranger in the Drifting community and was once a competitor himself. His awesome Dad traded places with Dom to be able to fund the seat time after discovering that he was a natural behind the wheel. Eric understands what it takes to be competitive and knows first hand the obsticles Dom is and will be facing, as Eric is his Team Manager.

Dom is currently waiting for the opportunity to run his Pro-Am season in California. He wishes they would allow him to run next season and not have to miss out until he is of legal age of 16. If anyone has any influence in this matter we are asking for direction on how it can be accomplished. #toosoonjunior

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