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What happened at Super D Matsuri?

The social media hype about Super D hitting the local SoCal track Grange Motor Circuit and bringing a Japanese Legend Naoki Nakamura to drive side by side with those attending, was at an all time high.

Many did question how the event would run with so many cars and spectators.

As Wolfreign Motors, Touge Factory, Stacked Inc and the guys from Animal Style with a group of men and women working behind the scenes. The rest of us prepared our cars for the expectation of driving hard and blowing up aero.

Knowing this going into the event, it did not make us cut corners on making our cars look great or skip details.

After all it is what we love about preparing for an event that was long over due. What I mean by that, is that this style of event or the concept is not new, but it has been lacking due the stronger competitive nature of other events happening around the states.

Super D brought everyone together for one day to Drift. The energy level on the track was really strong and you could feel it from person to person. You can look at another driver's sleepy and tired face and know that you are not the only one holding your cheeks up with a smile.

As the Sun came up over the desert sands we knew that it was the day we all had been waiting on. On this day the Internet came to real life. All the drivers and teams we have been trying to visit in other states to drive with, were in attendance. There are a few others that did not make in time due to the limited space and we will visit them soon enough.

The cars fired up and it was music to my ears. All the different engine sounds at idle while people started to wipe the dirt off their cars and pulling out the detail spray wax. Drivers walking around introducing themselves for the first time and then mentioning their instagram name to seal the on going Internet relationships. Spectators started to walk through the gates and the "awesome" in their face was all worth the long trip to make it there.

Drivers meeting started and was pretty basic and simple, they covered the run groups and explained how it would run and the safety aspects of track. No one there was new to these meetings and it went by pretty quickly. They welcomed Naoki and he seemed very excited and grateful for the experience of it all.

After that they started calling the run groups and people lined up at the start line and all around the entire track, from the fence to nearly every wall surrounding Grange. It was an incredible view from a driver stand point.

The excitement took over everyone and kept the beat alive. The driving became more and more intense as the day went on. Drivers who you normally see trying to baby their cars, looked like they installed NOS. (One of the big ones, some made it two)

The run groups got a bit confusing at times as the mic was not heard very clear towards the back end of the track, so drivers started to rely on each other who were in same run groups. Some drivers got mixed up and started to run in wrong groups but it made it that much more exciting. Because now they could tandem with randoms, hahaha. (Micah Diaz approves)

Cars were breaking and getting fixed right away, random people even those who came to spectate were offering their help. That was pretty rad to see go down in front of me.

As the team tandem went on and drivers started to hammer down the gas pedal, the crowd who had not moved from their seats an inch the entire day, started to cheer louder than ever. Driver knew they could not disappoint and they did not. The driving was amazing and I could not hear myself scream over everyone else. The tandem runs were sooooo tight that it made people stand to their feet to get a better view at the stands. It was just insane!!!!

Once the track went cold. The drivers and spectators became one. Everyone was hanging out at their pits and car talking with smiles and high fives. As the sun set over the hills who have eyes, we started to load up our cars. Others started bonfires to keep warm as they planned to get rest before their long haul back home.

Over all this event was lacking nothing and the only thing that I would ask for is less dirt. But the HYPE was REAL !!

Thanks again to all those involved in making this event happen.

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