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Zestino Tire Review by R Compound USA

Test Vehicle- Group N2-spec Championship vehicle

The test vehicle. Group N2-spec championship vehicle Piloted by Duane Bada and Julie Yeh

The aftermath of one full track day with two drivers and a total track time of 160 minutes.

Brand: Zestino Model: Gredge 07RS Treadwear: 140 Category: Summer Performance Tire Size: 195/50R15 MSRP: $139.69

The Zestino Gredge 07RS is one of the newest summer performance tires to hit the U.S. market this year. Zestino developed this tire with the purpose of meeting the highest demands of performance driving, as well as drifting. On a road-course, the Gredge 07RS surprised us with grip levels that are comparable to what one would expect from a conventional race compound (100 tread-wear or lower) tire. The sidewall construction felt firm through the corners during both low and high speed situations. We took the tire around for four consecutive hot-laps until the grip level began to decline, which did not reach a very drastic level. And at that point, the tire was still manageable enough to maintain it’s predictable characteristics. The brakes also felt enhanced due to the amount of grip that the tire was able to produce under full-threshold. Overall, this tire features some of the best grip that we have found in the Street Tire category. A tire that is easy to predict and drive at the limits with, will always translate into a very enjoyable experience.

Track: Streets Of Willow Tested Tire PSI: 29 Cold / 36 Hot Peak Air Temperature: 104 (F) Degrees Peak Track Temperature: 115 (F) Degrees

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