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Fans Favorite Takes The Win!!

"What is Drifting?" "How do the judges determine who wins?"

These were the common questions being asked over and over by all the Grand Prix fans who flooded the stands.

As practice went underway, you could see people running towards the stands to grab the better seats.

The drivers prepared for Drift Battle for the second day of the Motegi Racing Drift Challenge. This event is held the weekend after the first round of the Formula Drift series. It does not provide points towards the driver standings.

However it provides so much more than that. It gives eyes to an entire different crowd who normally would not get exposed to Drifting. 🤘

These fans like most Motorsports fans were hungry to indulge their eyes in the action.

The competition went underway and drivers were feeding them their need for speed. Fast entries, pinball style wall to wall rides, and tons of tire shredding smoke.

Forrest Wang easily became the fan favorite with his incredible driving style.

The reaction from the fans as he applied his signature lock to lock angle, let us know what they wanted to see.

With each pass Forrest made the crowd would get louder and louder as they got out of their seats to be able to see pass the smoke his S15 was laying down.

During the final battle the crowd was on their feet and lots rushed to the fence to get a closer look.

Forrest Wang gave them what they needed and delivered one awesome performance. Earning him a 1st place win. Fans rushed his car with their phones out, taking video and snapping pictures while screaming at the top of their lungs.

The universal thumbs up 👍🏼 sign lined up as Forrest drove his car back to the pit area. Where his team and other friends waited to celebrate the victory.

One incredible weekend performance under a new tyre that suits his driving style and two trophies is a win win. But more importantly winning the crowd over is what we are proud of the most!!!

The fans know. Style. 🤙

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