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So if you have not heard of Street Driven Tour by now, you should probably put your head down and continue your search for Pokemon and stalk your EX's Social Media accounts.

I had the pleasure of driving this event last year and I will tell you not to miss this year. If you have not registered, you need to REGISTER now. Here is why.

This event is well organized. The track was ran by the Vegas Drift Staff, If you know or have driven Nick Dizon events then you can expect a smooth tight running ship.

The course layout was just awesome. It was set up for the perfect tandem opportunity with your team or new friends you got to meet there. Not only that but I got to drive with lots of the Pro Drivers and that was more rewarding than finding out you were right about your EX. Yes, keep scrolling, there is more.

In between the run groups while the cars rested there was opportunity for you to join in the drive games, such as soccer and hard parking and the famous burn out box. There was rad vendors and decent food truck, although we could have used more food trucks. (yes I am a fatty)

The pit area was cool as most pits are fun hanging out with new and old friends. The car show between the pit and track set up was nice and motivating to clean up my car even more. I had plenty of seat time and developed a couple of car issues and was able to fix with the help of other drivers. After the repair I went back out and got some more tandem runs and started giving ride alongs, enjoying the reactions of people in the car for the first time. One of my favorite parts about Drifting.

This year I will be out there again with a little more power and better tyres with a whole lot of new friends. The event will also be in conjunction with Supras in Vegas. Now tell me that doesn't excite you?? if the answer is NO, you probably do not need friends anyway. Stay home and share peoples post to make a point that is not related to your beliefs. In the mean time we will be out there having a blast. Maaaaaan I can not wait. 1.5 weeeeeeks and I need a clutch. Someone sponsor me hahahahaha.

Enjoy last years memories.

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